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Our Wishlist

General Items:

● Passenger VAN (Gofundme page) ● Brother Toner cartridges (TN 221 BK/C/M/Y) ● Disposable cutlery, ● Paper plates / 8 inch paper cups ● Paper towels, individually wrapped toilet paper, napkins ● Liquid hand soaps (8 oz. only please) ● Powder Laundry detergent (not liquid) ● Cleansers and moisturizers for girls with eczema and/or allergies ● Kites ● Books appropriate for girls ages 6-12 years (Grades 1st-7th) ● Toys/dolls/legos/games appropriate for girls (Grades 1st-7th)

Non-Aersol Hygiene items:

● Shampoo / Conditioner ● Body wash / Deodorant (non-aerosol and no perfumes) ● Socks (new/all sizes for girls ages 6-12)

Gift Cards are a Plus:

● Clothing for residents. ● Gas stations ● Fry's Grocery and other Grocery stores ● For Outings

Please Do Not Send:

Perfumes, nail polish, dyes, hairsprays or aerosol products Contact the APECA office at 623-247-6026 or jolson@protectchild.org for more information.